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Children's Aid Foundation of Canada

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UX and web design
Copy support




When Children’s Aid Foundation enlisted us to help with their website, we went beyond the surface to redefine the way people experience their brand in digital. To start, we hosted discovery workshops to build aspirational personas for their most important users: donors, youth, and corporate sponsors. Once established, we collaborated with internal stakeholders to plot out user journeys, revise the site map, and update wireframes to ensure maximum ease of navigation. The result was a responsive, accessible design that’s as beautiful as it is intuitive.


We engaged Field Trip & Co as a partner in our website redesign project, but have gained so much more than a beautifully designed, strategic, intuitive website. In the discovery phases of the project, Alison and her team gently encouraged our team to think creatively, resulting in startling insights that have opened our eyes to new audiences and changed the way we speak to our community. And as much care was put into the experience as the final product - working together was incredibly rewarding and a lot of fun, too.
— Meredith Ferguson, Senior Manager, Strategic Communications