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Fun rocks and money talks

Every other year, Creative Earners invites graphic designers and related professionals from across Canada to complete a confidential online survey to provide information about their salary and billing practices in the Canadian graphic design and communications industry. The results of the survey help raise awareness of the country’s thriving creative industry and provide an economic profile of the field. Unlike previous years, though, the survey was launched at Design Thinkers, an annual Design Conference in Toronto.

The goal of the campaign was to attract the attention of a creative audience at the conference and have them complete the online survey on-the-spot. Pulling from the insight that Creative people don’t like to talk about money, we embraced the topic of money head on and developed a number of relevant tactics. For example, attendees were invited to enter our InstaMoneyMachine after taking the survey and have a shareable boomerang photo taken of them posing with fake money. On completion of the survey, they were also eligible to pick up a notebook that represented the denomination of their choice. We proved that #moneymatters as close to 500 surveys were completed in the first two days.

“Money means nothing to me,” said no one ever.

“Money means nothing to me,” said no one ever.