A popsicle for your thoughts.



Waterfront Toronto 

Our role

Environmental graphics




Waterfront Toronto’s mission is to tackle the social, economic, community and environmental well-being of Toronto and its waterfront. To help express this mission to the public, Waterfront Toronto hired Field Trip & Co + Bespoke as their vendor of record responsible for integrated communications strategy and creative services. Our first task was to create an interactive pop-up space that intersected with monthly Artspin bike tours for the purpose of creating buzz around Toronto’s Port Lands. To call attention to the immensity of the untapped potential in the area, we collaborated with Bespoke to construct oversized graphics mounted to shipping containers to draw the eyes and stimulate the minds of passers-by.

The #imaginewaterfront Pop Up was a huge success!  Waterfront Toronto received hundreds of sign ups to their newsletter (in exchange for a free popsicle) - more than in the last 10 events combined. The CEO personally came by to see it and was blown away.