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How do you take your coffee? With a conscience? Propeller Coffee Co is an award-winning, small batch specialty roaster and coffee shop based in Toronto, energized by caffeine and their passion for sustainably sourcing and roasting the world’s best coffees. 

Our passion for coffee and giving back to the community made us an ideal pairing, and we began by developing their new brand from the ground up. Literally. While Propeller was breaking ground at their 50 Wade Street location, we were engaged in rolling out every aspect of their new look. Combining the letter P and the coffee cup profile opened the door to an entire brand identity, anchored by an iconic symbol that is instantly


We engaged Field Trip & Co as a partner in our website redesign project, but have gained so much more than a beautifully designed, strategic, intuitive website. In the discovery phases of the project, Alison and her team gently encouraged our team to think creatively, resulting in startling insights that have opened our eyes to new audiences and changed the way we speak to our community. And as much care was put into the experience as the final product - working together was incredibly rewarding and a lot of fun, too.
— Meredith Ferguson, Senior Manager, Strategic Communications