Field Trip & Co

Turning the tide

Will Fleissig is a man with a plan. With his eye on a bold new direction for his brand, the CEO of Waterfront Toronto set things in motion by hiring Field Trip and Co and our partner Bespoke to reimagine the company’s 2018/2019 Corporate Plan.

Our first question was, “does a corporate plan have to be corporate?” Hoping to push the envelope while still appeasing stakeholders, we designed a plan that was striking, audacious and unlike anything the organization had seen in the past. The response was decidedly positive. In the words of Waterfront Toronto’s CFO Lisa Taylor, “Field Trip & Co’s very talented team were able to transform a traditionally corporate document into something that looks and feels as dynamic, conversational and bold as Waterfront Toronto itself. In doing so they created a Corporate Plan that is more welcoming, engaging and easy to read at a glance – by anyone. It is a document to be proud of.”

So does a corporate plan have to be corporate? Turns out, no.

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